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mai 20th, 2011 by admin

Good News – I guess…

I am also writing you, to ask you if you please will remove the death announcement of Raju, as I meet him 2 days ago.
Stephie and Leonie has got wrong news from the boys. Why the kids told like this, I don’t know, but Raju is still alive.

I meet him at Dhurbar square, but he is not looking well. Not at all. He has started to cut himself in the face also,
from the mouth and up, like cutting a big smile.
His wounds are so deep, and he was covered in a old durty bandage on his left arm, and covered in old blood.

One organisation are seeming sincerely interested to do help him,
and now that we have found him again, I hope that he will take the help. -There is still hope. 🙂

I am meeting with Suno in 20 minuttes, so I will stop for now. Take Care.
With peace and Love, Louise

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  1. Stephanie Theis

    I just wanted to add that we informed Justin as well a few weeks ago.

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