Title :::::::::::::::::::::::»Lonely Pack«
Genre ::::::::::::::::::::: Documentary film
Length :::::::::::::::::::: 48 Minutes
Material ::::::::::::::::: 1080p HD, Stereo
Setting ::::::::::::::::::: Katmandu, Nepal


“Lonely Pack”

Together with other children, the eleven year old Sonu lives on the streets
of Katmandu. Their daily routine is a fight to survive in the chaotic capital
of Nepal: always on the prowl for food, drugs, charitable tourists and what
they seek most – as small boys do anywhere– is fun and adventure.
The life of Sonu and his pack is shaped by hunger and violence but is also
filled with childlike moments of freedom on the streets!

This film follows ideas of Direct Cinema: no narrator, no music, no staging.
We wanted to understand the everyday life of a street child in Kathmandu.
The story is told by the kids themselves.


„Kleine Wölfe “ ist ein Dokumentarfilm von Justin Peach und Lisa Engelbach und der Diplomfilm von Justin Peach für die FH Mainz.

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